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Cling Clang farm is a beautiful stretch of farmland on the edge of the Cotswolds a few minutes drive from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

The farm is 22 acres of woodland copse, flower rich grasslands and lowland fen (wet meadow) which has been designated by the local Wildlife Trust as a Local Wildlife Site due to its scarcity on a national and local scale.

Our mission

To develop a viable business with the smallholding of 22 acres, which is respected, welcoming, interesting and transparent to all who visit. Which uses organic procedures of welfare to ensure minimal inputs and high levels of welfare.

Whom, why, how?

This is a triple question I have been frequently asked, so will start at the beginning.

I am Stephen Lawson, and I am not from farming stock, my dad was a bank manager and his dad a salesman. There has never been any rural connection in my family in both recent or far gone years. I myself am a design engineer by trade, as well as a doormen and bass player.

So why? well its simple, LOVE, good old love…

I met a girl, we fell in love, she introduce me to farming and the joys of rural life, and I fell in love with that as much as I did her. The being outside getting the necessary done in all weathers. It makes you feel alive.

So when the opportunity arouse to buy some of our own land I jumped in with both feet, placing the house on the market and selling it in 24 hours. Hasty, almost certainly, but the land was perfect, a little piece of everything, on a hill with an amazing view, woodland, water meadow and a river. Most people would be hard pushed not to want to own such wonderful place.

The relationship didn’t last, and along with its demise was also my access to well needed knowledge of farming, and yes the first years where tough and a steep learning curve, however many friends and local people came to my aid in support for which I am extremely grateful for.

In the following years, the land once primarily set to arable was been sown to grass, I stock fenced 22 acres by hand, introduced a flock of sheep, achieved organic certification, introduced pigs, have built a wild boar enclosure, achieved a DWAL license and now have wild boar on site. A massive success? hmmmm not yet, but we are getting somewhere. Things take time to learn and to get right; most days are a school day.

Five years on from when it was first purchased, I can honestly say I am still as in love with the land as i ever have been and would promote farming to anyone as an enjoyable endeavour.

And just in case you were wondering………………Yes, I am still single.